Am I a real runner now?

Since I started running I have seen virtually all of my running acquaintances deal with some sort of running related injury. Other then a slight bout with a tight IT band when I first started running, that has not been the case for me. Until now. Sometime during my training for the Philly marathon I began having issues with my right foot. This is not all that unusual as I tend to go through some minor aches and pains as my body gets used to the higher mileage. As any stubborn runner will do, I ran through the pain. It didn’t really bother me while I was running so I figured get through the race, take some time off, and it will get better. But it hasn’t. So yesterday I took a trip to Commonwealth Orthopedic Associates to see what was going on. After a few X-rays, I met with Dr. Tracy Frombach who examined my foot carefully and explained that I have posterior tibial tendonitis and some plantar fasciitis. The latter likely a result of running through the former. I had often through my bigger ankle and the issues I have on the right side were related to my Scoliosis but the resulting leg differential isn’t really big enough to cause injuries on its own. She prescribed physical therapy, and at least a month off from running until she sees me again. A month off from running. I haven’t gone that long without running since May of 2009. Oh, she also suggested I try Superfeet Green insoles. I had a pair of running shoes along so we put them in there in the office. I could feel an immediate improvement. I actually walked out without limping which was nice.

Today is day 1 of officially not running. Timing-wise this works out because for my geared up triathlon efforts I need to to work on my swim, bike, and strength so those will be the focus over the next month. I will likely add some elliptical in to the mix too. I MUST burn calories. I have been trying to reduce the mini-spare-tire I carry that is particularly evident when wearing triathlon race clothing. But my body grabs onto every calorie and holds it like a precious metal. Today I weighed in over 180 lbs. for the first time in 3 weeks and that is despite very conscientious eating and fairly significant amounts of exercise. (Although little to no running).

So anyway . . . 1 . . only 27 days to go.

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