Time to Rest & Reset a bit

For the last few years I have focused my efforts at running, diet, physical fitness and now triathlon around losing weight and getting in shape. I have successfully pared down from 230+ lbs. to a consistent 180. I have been trying to shed a few more pounds and lose the last of the belly fat using the same methods that got me to this point. That is, a consistent (and rather sparse) diet, and lots and lots of exercise. My typical week includes 20-30 miles of running (more during marathon training), 20-60 miles of bike riding, and a couple thousand yards swimming. After my spring marathon at Shamrock I’ve been ramping up the bike and swim and cutting back a hair on running.

I’ve noticed two things. No more weight is going away, and I’m completely out of energy for big workouts or races. Looking at my calendar I think I need to add some rest days and rework my nutrition plan to go from weight loss to sustaining a high-energy training regimen. The latter is especially true given my attempt to complete a Half-Iron Man later this summer.

Now I wished I paid more attention to all the articles on nutrition I’ve read in magazines the last couple years. The one question I have is how come nutrition experts can’t talk about real quantities of food? I see things like “Runners should take in 75-120 grams of protein per day”. What? So is that like a chicken? A flank steak? The bugs I swallowed during my evening run along the river trail? A Stegosaurus? Same applies to carbs, fiber and everything else.

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