3 Self Defense Tips For Runners

I’ve never met Audrey in person but follow her blog as well. I thought this was a helpful article.

This last week I took a short intro self defense demonstration class.  This stemmed from an incident that happened in my town with a runner on the greenway that I frequent. I then asked a large group of runners if they had ever heard of one of their own being attacked on the run and every single one said yes.

I would like to point out two sides:

-You shouldn’t live life afraid. Running is something we love to do and shouldn’t let someone scare us out of what we enjoy.

-Being attacked could happen anytime and anywhere. It happens multiple times a day, every day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why people are constantly telling me to be careful, run in groups, don’t run with headphones, just run in the gym, etc. It’s not that we want to be rebels. It’s not that we love putting ourselves at…

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  1. This is a really great article. I recently had a runner tell me that her Facebook group recommended running with a handgun. That seemed a little cantankerous for a Flipbelt! Runner safety is super important. Being aware of your surroundings is so important. I think of this a lot on my runs. Remember that football player who was killed while out on a trail by some crazy guy wielding a machete?!

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