Boston Marathon Training Plan – Part 1

As noted last week, the only thing I currently seem to be motivated to do is eat. Chocolate, ice cream, peanuts, candy, pigs, chickens, whatever. Put it in front of me and I’ll wolf it down.chocolate240 All challenges accepted. Looking at the calendar there are lots more opportunities to eat in the near future including Thanksgiving, deer season (where we have mountains of food for a few people for a few days), then Christmas, and New Years. The eating possibilities are non-stop.Christmas-table-food-5

In the on-going search for motivation, I decided it is time to assemble my Boston marathon training plan. I thought I would share with the greater community. Here goes . . .

Week 1:

Monday: Rest Day.

I googled this. All good training plans start with a rest day. Superb! I may even use the elevator at work that day. I don’t like to underachieve.

Tuesday: Peruse running websites and contemplate the best colored new shoes to run in at Boston. neon-sneakers_725x377-1359753023_2048x2048

Wednesday: Update motivational playlist on iPod. Be sure to include Chariots of Fire.

Thursday: Go through running socks and make sure they all match.

Friday: Group run! Okay . . they start kind of early but finish for coffee at Wegman’s. Maybe show up in time for coffee anyway. Spend some time talking to people that just ran while eating a pumpkin muffin and sipping coffee. Maybe wear running tights.

Saturday: “Long” run. On the treadmill in the warm gym. Maybe the elliptical for a bit. The view is better from there. 017aadbc42b716ec_shutterstock_147875366.jpg.xxxlarge_2x

Sunday: Cross Train. Use larger, heavy coffee cup in the morning, and set computer mouse for “hard” clicks. Nutrition is also important so brunch it is.


Week 2:

Monday: Rest Day! Phew.

Tuesday: Order new running shoes. Charge Garmin.

Wednesday: Drool over new Garmins. cf-lg

Thursday: Hill repeats. Sledding is the same thing. Right? You do have to climb back up the hill.

Friday: Group run again. Be sure to suck in donut-gut. Lotsa cute girls on the group run.

Saturday: “Long Run”. Visualize running up and down the hills on the way to favorite winery with spouse. Hey . . everything can’t be about training. We have to keep our wives happy. And visualization is supposed to be just as good.

Sunday: Carb loading. Brunch & a milkshake.

Week 3:

Monday: The week this focus is on race-day nutrition. You always hear how important that is. Testing out of Clif Bloks, GU Chews, coke, and bananas. Which combinations taste the best? Top it off with New England Clam Chowder. (Dinner is STILL “race day”.) 30303_new_england_clam_chowder

Tuesday: Unscheduled Rest Day due to sour stomach.

Wednesday: Try on running clothes. They seem strangely tight, even for compression clothes.

Thursday: Order new running clothes. Blame wife for shrinking old running clothes in dryer and costing a valuable training day.

Friday: Group run. New running clothes seem heavy. Can’t keep up with group like I used to.

Saturday: Fuel up. Friday’s poor group run probably due to low blood sugar. Cookies, chocolate, pasta.

Sunday: “Long Run”. Or walk. Or . . well. Technique is important. Spend time on bench at nearby trail studying passing runners. Visualize changes to stride.

Week 4:

Monday: Rest day. You’ve been hitting it hard.

Tuesday: Study Youtube videos of Meb and Prefontaine. Look for strategy tips on mental toughness.

Wednesday: Realize neither Prefontaine or Meb are Kenyan. Watch Youtube videos of Kenyans instead. (Don’t get distracted by the videos of cute baby lions).


Thursday: Track day! Darn . . track occupied by Lacrosse and cheerleading squads. Wait patiently for track to open . . . . or at least until cheerleading squad is finished but now have to head to bottom of pyramid . . I mean work.


Friday: Wegman’s group run. Continue to practice race-day strategy. Attempt to convince the ladies of the group to help train for Wellesley College scream tunnel. It shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 attempts to get it right.


Saturday: Devote morning to determining proper size to order for Finisher’s Jacket.

Sunday: Bone up on Boston lingo in preparation for on-course conversations: “Those sawks at the expo were a wicked bahgin”. “The wife and I were thinkin about goin’ down the Cape after the race”. “Where can I get a good chowdah?”

I’ve always heard people in foreign lands like when you try to speak their language.

Stay tuned for the rigorous weeks 5-8.


  1. All you’re missing is the ultimate plan to finish the race — the Rosie Ruiz Public Transportation Method! Ugh, Pete – is it really that bad? Maybe you need a Caribbean vacation . . .

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