Boston Eve

Tommorrow is the second holiday in a row here in Boston. Today was Easter, tomorrow is Patriot’s Day. A State holiday here in Massachusetts commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord. You know, Paul Revere, Lanterns, British, etc. By all accounts it has been a banner weekend for Bostonians, the street entertainers of Boston, the businesses of Boston, and anyone who enjoys summer-like conditions in early spring. And who wouldn’t? Runners. That’s who.

Boston has some of the best street entertainers anywhere.
Open air dining on Easter
Soaking in a warm spring day
For the second year in a row it looks like the Boston marathon will be a warm affair. It was 85 degrees today as we walked around in shorts and short sleeves seeking shade. A front of sorts is mercifully supposed to move through overnight but temperatures are only supposed to fall in to the high 50s and be well up over 60 by race time tomorrow. To the non-runner that may not seem so bad. In fact, as we ate dinner the other night our young waiter pointed out it’s supposed to be near 70 on Monday for the marathon. “Perfect!” he exclaimed. I smiled and nodded. It will certainly be perfect for the spectators. We will need them to help us along. 

There will be a brief pause while I pour another glass of water . . . Okay . . I’m back. 

Now, as a triathlete, I would be delighted to start the running portion of a race (even the full marathon of an Ironman) with temperatures at 70 degrees. But we race triathlons in the summer when we’ve been able to train and race in summer heat. Plus the intensity level and expectation of a run at the end of a triathlon is much different than a flat-out foot race. 

That said, it is what it is. I can change my mind. I can change my dinner reservation. I can change my underwear. But I cannot change the weather. It would be easy to piss and moan and fret all night but none of that will have any effect on the temperatures race morning. Instead, I have already lowered expectations to just go have a nice, steady day. 

I’m looking forward to the festivities of pre-race. There is nothing like it in the world especially in Boston where you KNOW you deserve to be here. You didn’t just write a check and sign up, you had to earn your spot and be invited. Walking around town for the weekend and having people acknowledge your effort knowing what it takes to be here is a bit intoxicating and good for the ego.  

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  1. I hope you had a good race – stayed in one piece, ran to the best of your abilities, and most importantly – had FUN!!

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