Back on the ‘Mill

After weeks of rehab from surgery, the day had finally come to begin running again. I stepped confidently on the treadmill pressed “Start” and gradually increased speed. My gluteal muscles, toned from weeks of work during rehab, fired as I began to push off. My flat, rock hard abs rippled as I engaged my core. The day-after-day core workouts had done their job and then some. I admired the handsome, strong runner in the mirror in front of the treadmill.

This is where the little fantasy in my head fades. Like Ralphie turning in his theme in “A Christmas Story” everyone else laughs because they can’t see the story playing out in my head.

Like Ralphie, I’m usually only a hero in my own head.

The reality is I did get back on the treadmill this week and was happy to walk/run for a bit over a half-mile. While I wasn’t the picture of Hermes, it did go well. This despite a few extra pounds added to my frame since surgery and despite the minor head cold I picked up a few days prior.

As mentioned previously, I had been given the green light by Dr. Coleman to start easing in to running three months after surgery which would have been January 17th. I had this date circled on my calendar but wound up with a bit of unexpected soreness the days immediately before. Discretion being the better part of valor and not wanting to jeopardize the success of my expensive surgical repair, Vanessa (PT extraordinaire) and I decided to delay the momentous return another week.

Happily, during the course of this past weekend, despite my normal PT exercises, a rather stout bike ride on the trainer, and some fairly vigorous car washing, I had no pain or soreness leading in to Monday’s physical therapy session. And what a litmus test that is. Car washing and rehab. It wasn’t that long ago a big workout day was a hundred miles on the bike followed by 90 minutes of running, and maybe a cool-down swim to wrap things up. Ah well. C’est la vie. 

The important part is that Monday afternoon I did spend ten glorious minutes on the treadmill walking/running/coughing/sniffling.

Not the image of Hermes.

More importantly I was none the worse for the wear then or the next day. It is a small start back to running and there is a long way to go before I sign up for my next Boston qualifier but it’s a start.

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